• supacoustic acoustic lining panels

  • supaline solid wall wall and ceiling panels
  • supaslat slatted panels and light weight beams
  • supatile ceiling tiles

Supacolour - Solid Colours

  • Available in solid colour, metallic or pearl finish in a range of gloss levels.
  • Solid colours can be selected from the Supawood fan deck or matched to any Australian paint selector range.
  • Metallic colours can be chosen from a range of 25 available metallic finishes.
  • Pearlescent finishes can be applied over any pastel base colour.
  • Applied as 2 pack finish which is extremely durable, abrasion and high impact resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain and will not fade with age or light.
  • The panels conform to Green Star rating because all panels are fully cured and gassed off before they leave the factory and are EO low Formaldehyde.

Suitable for:
Supaline, Supacoustic Custom, Supacoustic NCK, Supaslat Maxi Beam, Wave Blades, Supaslat and Supatile Slat.

colour wheel

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