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Supacoustic: Acoustic Panels

Supacoustic by Supawood is a large and very versatile range of Australian and British made decorative pre-finished acoustic wall and ceiling acoustic panel systems. With options to suit any décor and any budget, you’re sure to find one that meets your requirements.

The Supacoustic Range includes: Click on an image to find out more...

Range of Acoustic Panels for Walls and Ceilings

The Supacoustic Range includes:

  • Supacoustic NCK

This range is an individual pre-finished kit of our acoustic panels. It can be installed over walls or ceilings using our mounting systems.

  • Supacoustic PLK

Designed for direct fixing, Supacoustic PLK is a pre-finished panel system ideal for ceilings and walls.

  • Supacoustic Adaptable Acoustic Panels

Supawood can help you create a bespoke design with acoustic sound panels that meets your aesthetic, performance and budget preferences.

In this range, there are both premium and affordable options for large areas as well as acoustic noise control kits for retro-fits over existing surfaces. There is a Supacoustic acoustic wall and ceiling panel system option available to address noise reverberation issues in shopping centres, restaurants, clubs, hotels, lecture theatres, churches, multipurpose halls, sports centres, performing arts centres, call centres, libraries, hospitals or any other high activity area.

Customisable to Your Requirements

Supacoustic panels come in various standard configurations including perforated, slotted and creative patterns. Customised configurations can also be supplied to suit bespoke project needs. Matching Solid panels are also available.

The panels are available in a large range of natural and concept timber veneers or polyurethane colour and metallic finishes. Where volumes justify, we can source special finishes for your project. The acoustic wall and ceiling panels are supplied with Supawood’s concealed fixing options and come with access panel options for easy access to concealed services.

Supawood will supply a comprehensive range of test results, including data, to assist in calculating the correct sound absorption specifications required. The panels can also be supplied to meet all Green Star requirements and in fire retardant versions.

The advantages of Supacoustic acoustic absorption panels include:

  • Consistent high quality silky smooth finish.
  • Slots and perforations are crisp and free of chips.
  • Proprietary concealed fixing systems.
  • Integrated Acoustic Textile guarantees enhanced acoustic performance.
  • Acoustic test results ensure acoustic criteria are met.
  • Wide range means a product tailored for your application.
  • Easy to specify, shop drawings and on-site quality control.
  • Pre-finished and cut-to-size options means quick site installation.
  • Access panels available in both ceilings and walls.
  • Highly durable, easy to clean, and maintenance free.
  • Fire Group 1 and 2 options available.

Enhance the sound quality of your architectural and design projects with decorative acoustic panels from Supawood. Call us or fill out our contact form today. 

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Supacoustic: Acoustic Panels