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Western Sydney University, Building 4, Campbelltown NSW

SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits acoustic wall panels have been used in 3 areas of this university building as an economical means of addressing noise reverberation and as an creative panel lining to lift the areas aesthetically.

uws campbelltown B4

In the lecture theatre the back wall has been ingeniously lined by using the low, medium and high kit options in a mix of different standard sizes. To complete the 3D effect and ensure a durablity surface the panels have been finished in Supacoulour in 3 shades of grey. The side walls have been enhanced by small features of the panels to echo the back wall. This application show how creatively  NCK can be used while still addressing noise reverberation.

A more simple use of the NCK acoustic wall panels has been used in both the lecture theatre foyer and in the students' lounge. These applications show how easy it is to mount the NCK acousitc wall panel kits over existing surfaces to form wall featuers and help to cut down on reflective noise.

Project:Refurbishment of Lecture Theatre, Foyer and Student's Lounge

Address:Building 4, Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus, NSW


  • Lecture Theatre 1 - SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits in low, med and high options mixed and finished in SUPACOLOUR 3 shades of grey with SV61 (V-Slot) acoustic option.
  • Foyer - SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits in med option finished in SUPAFINISH Tasmanian Oak with SV41 (V-Slot) acoustic option.
  • Students' lounge - SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits in med option finished in SUPAFINISH Matt Silver with SV41 (V-Slot) acoustic option.

Architect:UWS Capital Works & Facilities UWS


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