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The Springfield Anglican College, Springfield QLD

Force Interiors achieve successful school fitout

SUPAWOOD worked closely with Force Interiors to achieve a successful installation of Supawood products inside the new library and refurbished administration building at The Springfield Anglican College, Springfield, QLD.  

Fulton Trotter Architects, the project designers, needed to source a suitable acoustic solution for the library ceiling as well as a warm, aesthetic treatment for the administration building’s reception and board room. SUPAWOOD’s panel and slat systems proved to be the perfect option. 

Join our Supawood team members as they meet with Force Interiors on site to discuss the installation. 


The Rosewood Resource Centre has been designed as a multifunctional facility for the enrichment of the college’s students. A key feature of the Rosewood Resource Centre is its flexible learning environment allowing for independent, pair and small group work as well as the benefits of natural light and a bushland setting. In addition to the modern library, the centre is equipped with five new classrooms including breakout spaces, furniture in various configurations and an outdoor learning terrace. 

Upon entering the building, students arrive in the centre’s large foyer where they can sit and relax on comfortable lounges surrounding the library space or wait for assistance from the Librarian or ICT Helpdesk staff. On the library’s raked ceiling the architects have used matching SUPACOUSTIC Adaptable perforated and SUPALINE panels in a Spotted Gum natural timber veneer finish for effective noise reduction.

For the administration reception and board room areas, SUPASLAT slatted panels were used in a Spotted Gum natural timber veneer finish, providing a warm welcome to visitors and staff alike.  



“Our experience with Supawood installing the products was quite easy. Supawood was super helpful. Any questions we had onsite were pretty quickly answered by the technical department.” – Jordan Whiteley, Force Interiors. 

Project: Rosewood Resource Centre and administration, The Springfield Anglican College

Address: Secondary Campus, Springfield Greenbank Arterial, Springfield QLD

Library ceiling - SUPACOUSTIC Adaptable perforated and SUPALINE panels
Administration reception area – SUPASLAT

Finish: SUPAVANEER natural timber veneer in Spotted Gum

Architect: Fulton Trotter Architects

Builder: Condev Construction Pty Ltd

Photographer & Video: Being Films

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