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St Aloysious Primary School, Cronulla NSW

SUPACOUSTIC NCK prove the ideal budget solution for noisy school in Cronulla.

To avoid an expensive and disruptive refit to achieve noise reduction, St Aloysious Primary School Cronulla NSW chose SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kit pre-finished panels to solve their problem. The school’s priority was to reduce the noise in high traffic areas such as corridors and the multipurpose hall with minimal disruption to the activities in and access to these areas whilst keeping the cost within a reachable budget.

SUPACOUSTIC NCK panels proved to be the perfect product, in that each panel isself sufficient and installation could be done in stages… one or two panels at a time. As panels are supplied in a pre-finished kit form with fixings included, this meant that any handy or maintenance person could do the installation. The project costs were also easy to measure and estimate as the panels come in four standard sizes. They only had to order exactly how many panels they needed in the sizes that fitted where they wanted them. There was no cutting orwastage involved.

A further advantage the school recognised was that inchoosing the NCK they could easily work around existing fixtures such as lights and windows and the panels could be installed directly over existing surfaces such as plaster board or cement render. Nothing had to be moved so costs were no more than the cost of the NCK plus the installation.

By using SUPACOUSTIC NCK noise control kits the end result was the school achieved the noise reduction they needed with zero interruption to the normal routine. An added bonus was that they aesthetically enhanced the interiors where the panels were installed. The school was able to calculate the exact costs prior to commencing the project and they still have the option to add more panels to other areas as further funds become available.

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