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Kaleen Public School, ACT

SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits enhances ACT school hall interior.

SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits have been used to enhance the interior finish of the Kaleen Primary School multipurpose hall in the ACT. All project stakeholders are thrilled with the imaginative aesthetics achieved and the acoustic effectiveness of the panels.

This project illustrates the versatility of the PLK concept. The architects have ingeniously used their artistic license by combining solid panel infills alongside slotted acoustic panels achieving a visually pleasing directional effect.

This economical modular SUPAWOOD product is designed for direct fixing onto broad areas of ceilings or walls. PLK is supplied pre-finished in an attractive range of SUPAFINISH timber finishes in solid, slotted or perforated panels available in fire retardant and/or green options.

PLK is supplied in kit form including joint backing strips with a four step installation guide. The panels come in several standard sizes and are quick and easy to install requiring no on-site finishing. Project requirements can be easily calculated from the price list.

By choosing SUPACOUSTIC PLK panel lining kits for their project, the stakeholders of this primary school have gained an attractive, noise reduced, durable and low maintenance interior for their multifunction environment all within an attainable budget.

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