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Girraween High School

SUPACOUSTIC PLK - the modular acoustic panel wall and ceiling lining solution for conversion of a school gym to a multi-purpose hall.

In the old gymnasium of a Girraween High School in Western Sydney the exposed interior brick walls, wooden floor and high ceiling posed major sound reverberation problems making it almost impossible to be use for school gatherings. While undertaking the refurbishment and extension of the gymnasium to create a suitable multi-purpose space for the school, the school decided on SUPAWOOD’s modular SUPACOUSTIC PLK acoustic panels for their noise reduction solution.

The project designers needed a durable and effective acoustic panel product that could be installed to existing surfaces and could be worked around existing features but still with an up-market look and within budget. As a school facility the acoustic panels used had to be fire retardant.

SUPAWOOD met all these criteria with their SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE PLK panels. A basic pre-finished modular acoustic panel lining kit system, SUPACOUSTIC PLK is designed for direct fixing onto broad areas of ceilings or walls and comes in both slotted and solid options. The designers chose the SUPACOUSTIC PLK acoustic panels in SUPAFINISH Spotted Gum concept veneer which creates the illusion of natural wood panels throughout.

SUPAWOOD provided valuable technical input in working through difficulties posed in the refit including fire retardant options and the most suitable panel finish. To work standard slotted acoustic panel sizes into the existing wall and ceiling expanse, SUPAWOOD helped by suggesting that a solid panel border be cut on site and worked into the design to overcome any adjustment in measurements required on site. SUPACOUSTIC PLK modular acoustic panels were easy to specify and to install and as supplied in standard panel sizes, reliable lead times could be met. 

The school has been amazed at the difference SUPACOUSTIC PLK acoustic panels have made to noise reduction in the hall. This SUPAWOOD PLK project highlights the up-market transformation a modular paneling product can achieve at a low cost.

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