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EDO Apartments, Woolloomooloo, NSW

Supawood acoustic panels have provided suitable acoustic insulation for outdoor dining areas at the EDO Apartments in Woolloomooloo, NSW

Supawood Supacoustic wet-sealed acoustic panels have been used in the public areas of the EDO Apartment building at 88 Crown Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW which has been recognised as a prototype for a compact urban living environment.

At street level of the building is a restaurant which opens out onto an external street terrace in one of Sydney’s busy inner city roads.  The architects were faced with the problems of noise reduction in an undercover outdoor area and found the solution in SUPACOUSTIC slotted acoustic panels with the wet-sealed option.

Once the ceiling of the overhead was lined with the SUPACOUSTIC panes the noise level was reduced dramatically as the panels provided acoustic insulation from any reflected noise, eliminating echo from the noise of the traffic passing by. By also selecting the wet-sealed option the designers ensured that the paneling would not be affected by moisture.

The panels themselves are fully sealed and able to resist moisture, humidity, condensation or temperature extremes wherever indirect exposure to ambient conditions occur. At the same time designers were also able to enhance the area, creating an aesthetically contemporary interest on the ceiling enhancing the overall look of the whole project.

Once again Supawood products have proved to be the perfect choice for a green friendly project where passive environmental design has been the vital element in the brief.

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AIA Frederick Romberg Award (National), Multiple Housing, 2008
AIA Aaron Bolot Award, Multiple Housing, 2008
BPN/Environ Sustainability Award Low Density Housing 2007
RAIA Architecture Award Residential Finalist 2007