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City West Offices

SUPASLAT ceiling panels meet stringent criteria for the highest Green Star ratings in office fit-out.

SUPASLAT slatted ceiling panels have been used to enhance the fit-out of the headquarters of Federal Government Departments in Canberra’s rapidly growing City West region. The City West Offices building at 50 Marcus Clarke St has achieved:

  • 6 Star Green Star - Office Design v2
  • 6 Star Green Star - Office As Built v2
  • 5 Star Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1

city west 1

The design and construction team of this high rise new age building project employed a Green Star accredited consultant throughout the project to help them achieve the highest Green Star rating possible. Therefore only sustainable building methods and materials were used throughout. SUPASLAT ceiling panels fitted perfectly the stringent criteria required.

The fit-out by the sole Government agency tenant was 100% integrated with the base building works allowing for every detail to be pre-planned. SUPASLAT innovative and flexible pre-finished slatted ceiling panels in natural sustainable timber were chosen for the ceilings of the common lounge areas. These panels are made up of sections of timber assembled into a panel that when installed produces a floating or directional effect. The wooden slats used are wide and are complimented by the use of a striped carpet to form a striking feeling of extended space.

SUPASLAT ceiling panels were supplied with our acoustic insulation option to achieve minimization of noise levels in the large open areas and therefore attaining further green points for the fit-out. Due to the expanses of these ceilings, the panels also proved an excellent choice to provide the large number of concealed hatches required to access services in the ceiling cavity such as air conditioning, sprinklers and integrated lighting.

Australian made, SUPASLAT panels are supplied with Supawood's unique fixing systems which means installation is concealed, quick and cost effective.

city west 2

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