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Infolink’s bi-annual Top Trusted Brands Survey establishes the top 100 Australian companies in the Architecture, Building, Construction and Design industry. This year, more than 7133 votes were counted and Supawood was ranked 24th overall out of 581 nominated brands.

Read the testimonials given by some of our voters…

red tick “Accessible detailing solutions and additional advice is always available. Versatile, Aesthetic and good quality product.” Ben W.

red tick ”I've worked with them in the past on a fantastic new product that's never been done in Sydney and they went over and beyond their duties to bring a specialist from overseas to ensure the project is completed to its highest standards.” Celia C.

red tick ”Largest range of superior quality lining solutions from one trusted supplier with a proven track record.” Janice L.

red tick “Supawood always deliver as promised and are helpful part of our design process.“ Danial N.

red tick “Supawood are consistently supplying architectural products meeting clients’ needs. The innovation and standard is why they are the industry leader in Feature Ceilings.“ Matthew H.

red tick “Supawood is my top trusted brand for acoustic solutions because of their quality product, friendly sales staff, and the information available on all of their products.  Having useful information about each product (specifically acoustic data) helps us specify and design room acoustics for the end client.“ Deon R.

red tick “Supawood promptly and effectively provides quality lining systems on a regular basis, with an apple iPad I'll be able send them even more quotes!“ Simon A.

red tick “Supawood provides excellent internal lining options for acoustic and functional finishes, with a website and support team that make specification and design effortless.“ Julie B.

red tick “Superior quality lining solutions and proven track record.  Easy to specify, shop drawings, fixing options, design solutions and quality product support.“ Phil D.

red tick “With battens and slats, beams and tiles, Supawood products produce a smile. Their quality finish and acoustic performance enhance any space to get my endorsement.” Andrew H.

red tick "Best quality acoustic panels proudly made in NSW as well." Eddie W.

red tick "For quality and great service, Supawood is a fantastic product and brand." Anthony R.

red tick "Its a great looking complete solution for interior areas where design & acoustic solutions are required." Kim M.


red tick "SUPAWOOD because it has superior quality, excellent architectural service & great look." Alicia R.

red tick "Supawood has a great selection of innovative products with great customer service." Felicity D.

red tick "Trusted product with expedential supply times and helpful team who are helpful during design processes." Chris E.

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