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Australia's most trusted ceiling brand 2016

We are pleased to announce that Supawood has been voted Australia's most trusted ceiling brand in the recently completed Architecture and Design Trusted Brands 2016 survey.

trusted brands winners banner 2016

So how does a specialist company like Supawood become more trusted than mass market brands like Rondo, Armstrong and Knauf with many times the customers, turnover and market capitalisation?

  • Because we are trustable, which is something more than trustworthy.
  • It means we will do the right thing by our clients, even when no-one is looking.
  • As a family owned business, management aren't focused on short-term quarterly targets, but building a business that we can hand on to the next generation.
  • For Supawood that means focusing on creating win-win solutions that meet our client’s real needs as exactly as possible.
  • As the business has grown this same culture has been extended into our entire team. 
Do you want to be part ‎of that team? See our careers page...

But don't take our word for it, read what our customers have said 

red tick “A company which is always willing to work with designers to reach the best outcome possible, both for the client and the design.” Victoria A.

red tick “A quality alternative to solid timber products that achieves an 'as good as' aesthetic at a fraction of the cost. A well-engineered and reliable product.” Natalie M.

red tick “Always informing of new and innovative solutions used in a variety of contexts which makes it easy as a first choice.” Jose S.

red tick “Always very helpful and reliable in making sure I specify the right product!” Alexandra K.

red tick “Application of timber look is attractive, timeless and modern!” Tara S.

red tick “Because of their track record and vast array of impressive products for every application.” Nigel P

red tick “Because their wood is supa!” Rachel J.

red tick “Best design, product variety, great customer service, professional team.” Zhitian W.

red tick “Consistent product and design support.” Dennis B.

red tick “Consistent quality and pricing. Well specified with Architects. Excellent updates on pricing and products.” Bob R.

red tick “Easy, we used Supawood on a project in Auckland NZ. They were very professional, explained their product well & delivered the product on time in good condition, no hassles.” Neville H.

red tick “Excellent customer service. Polite staff and always willing to help with any design questions I may have. Bokor Architecture & Interiors use Supawood on numerous projects and the quality is always flawless.” Alison D.

red tick “Flexibility, warmth, beauty.” Mahdieh H.

red tick “Good people, good product and trustworthy.” Bill D.

red tick “Good product range, robust and competitively priced. Good availability and service.” John R.

red tick “Great service, innovative designs & solutions for every project. Trusted project partner on many projects.” Andrew P.

red tick “Great service, on time delivery and competitive pricing.” Sharon O.

red tick “Greats designs and superior products. Exceptional customer service.” Nadine N.

red tick “I am very impressed with wall and ceiling (specifically acoustic panelling) aesthetics. I am simply a big fan of the richness and texture of ply finishes. Supawood provide me as a designer, with a wonderful range of species to work with.” Anthony G.

red tick “I have been an Acoustic Consultant for the past 30 years and I have not come across a better product that actually works than Supawood.’ Rodney S.

red tick “I know the owners of Supawood and they are very serious about providing the best products for architectural finishes. They provide a great service and serve the regional NSW community handsomely by being a city-type brand in a regional area. Of course, their staff are happier because they have a regional lifestyle.” I. H.

red tick “In my dealings with Supawood they have been very polite, informative, very knowledgably of their products. I was very impressed by their service.” Fay B.

red tick “Large choices of options. Large range. Reliable and professional. Real assistance to specifiers. Very well documented.” Alain.

red tick “Most reliable supplier for engineered timber linings.” Mihail S.

red tick “Nice Reliable Good Support Quality.” Yong K. L.

red tick “Our office specifies Supawood products due to their versatile range of products which satisfies both performance and modern style expectations in our office.” Bahar F.

red tick “Quality products. Always competitively priced. Excellent customer/sales support.” Geordie C.

red tick “Quick delivery, amazing product and they did everything that needed to be done to get the product to us under normal lead times, job looks great finished.”       Dwayne L.

red tick “Recently specified their products and client satisfaction exceeded expectations. Also a great range suitable for various interior applications.” Aki B.

red tick “Vast selection of cladding solutions available, from different price points and meets all fire codes.” Vina P.

red tick “Reliable, good looking, sturdy product which brings elegance and warmth to any interior.” Maria H.

red tick “SUPAWOOD have a fantastic range of products and as they say... ‘As adaptable as your Imagination.’ Lyn W.

red tick “Supawood are really open and honest and their team is great to deal with.” Ben S.

red tick “Supawood has been chosen by many renowned architects as a superior, yet affordable supplier of timber slats due to its natural appealing aesthetics and lightweight structure properties. As Quantity Surveyors, we can attest the reliability and quality of Supawood products, and this has been proven by Client's preference for Supawood time and time again.” Alvin K.

red tick “Supawood has great products which are innovative and utilise sustainable processes and outcomes.” Anthony M.

red tick “Supawood has the widest range of ceilings, wall panels and exterior wall panels that suit acoustic and aesthetic requirements.” Paul.

red tick “Supawood is my top trusted brand of 2016 because of their great customer service, in-office presentations and because they are "supa"!” Natalie P.

red tick “Supawood provide accurate costings for projects making estimating easy. Supawood communicate effectively and quickly, always providing detailed information. I have worked with Supawood on my successful projects.” William W.

red tick “Supawood provides a fantastic hard wearing product that not only looks fabulous but really catches your eye at how smart and elegant it makes the look of my property. Great people to deal with and easy, prompt service that is second to none. I will be recommending this company for years to come.” Joanne J.

red tick “Supawood provides an amazing product specified by many of my clients and architects. There service is second to none and it is a pleasure to deal with them on a regular basis.” Justin C.

red tick “Supawood provides quality technical details to support design solutions.” Pino G.

red tick “Superior service and quality every time.” Denise G.

red tick “Supawood customer service is friendly, consistent and with positive energy. They foster a kind of trust with consumers by helping them make decisions through details information.” Nina N-L.

red tick “Supawood is an Australian, industry leading, environmentally friendly product with a range of prefinished decorative and acoustic panels, beams and linings. They provide excellent product support with samples, specification wordings and drawings, as well as innovative substrate and fixing solutions.” Neil J.

red tick “Supawood is renowned for quality and service, they stand by their products and deliver as promised. No ifs or buts.” Sean L.

red tick “Team2 Architects have been working alongside Supawood for many years. They are a trusted brand because of their reliability, the professional approach, their product quality and their attention to their customers. The people at the company are always welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The products also allow strong versatility when it comes to design and architecture, and this is why we trust Supawood so much, because the deliver the unexpected and exceed expectations.” Paula C.

red tick “The customer service from finishes selection through to advice on the best method of installation for a project is always of the highest level.” Aleks Z.

red tick “The large range of good timber products available, and an excellent sourcing statement gives us the confidence to nominate Supawood for a wide range of projects.” Kam Y.

red tick “The product and service when buying and installing are as go as any supplier going.” Wayne G.

red tick “The Supawood brand is innovative and responsive to challenging client briefs. Their products have evolved, easy to specify and their service is always excellent and informative.” Tinacerar.

red tick “The warmth that the product brings to spaces coupled with durability makes this a trusted brand.” Al A.

red tick “The website is informative and the options very clear. The sales reps have been helpful in providing technical information and advice on pricing. Recently there has been further development in their product range for budget installations.” Astrid J.

red tick “These guys offer wonderful service and top quality products. National legends!” Ivan L.

red tick “They always deliver, no matter the design. They are innovative and a market leader in interior wall and ceiling panelling. They are always willing to help and provide information at the drop of a hat.” Andrew M.

red tick “They are reliable, good value for money and can be trusted for durability and performance.” Ravi M.

red tick “They are reliable, professional and believe in their product. They deliver what and when they promise. Their versatile products provide designers with flexibility to be able to integrate their product into our own designs. Their trusted brand is not only a proprietary product but it is also supported by a group engineers prepared to challenge their own design/detail in order to suit your requirements.” Angela O.

red tick “They have consistent and reliable products, quality is great and carefully packaged to reduce the chance of damaged product being delivered to site.  all this means no stress and worry about what is going to turn up on projects with tight program deadlines.” Gerard V.

red tick “They have great customer service and always deliver a quality product!” Jennifer V.

red tick “They offer a huge range of pre-finished, low maintenance products which are quite adaptable to design and meet the desired quality and standards.” Raghav D.

red tick “They provide great support and detailed information that is practical, accurate and informative - and then deliver on what they say. They make me smarter and make both me and my projects look good.” Jeremy F.

red tick “They supply good quality products which are fit for many solutions and they are always willing to help create custom products to fit the project.” Candice H.

red tick “Vast selection of cladding solutions available, from different price points and meets all fire codes.” Ethan T.

red tick “We have dealt with Supawood on several projects. I always found them to be extremely professional and they have a terrific product.” Joseph R.

red tick “Most reliable supplier for engineered timber linings.” Kelly S.

red tick “With Supawood products, experience has shown me, there is a certain guarantee of quality and consistency to their products, and I can specify them without worrying.” Phillip W.