• Supacoustic panels at Goodstart Early Learning Centre, Brisbane QLD
  • Aluclick quick click aluminium beams and screens
  • Wave Blades sculptured features
  • Supaline solid veneer wall panels
  • Supaslat slatted walls and ceilings
  • Supatile ceiling tiles
  • Supacoustic acoustic panels
  • Maxi Beam lightweight beams
  • Wave Blades sculptured features
  • Supatile ceiling tiles
  • Aluclick quick click aluminium beams and screens
  • Wave Blades sculptured features
  • Supacoustic acoustic panels
  • Supatile Slat slatted ceiling tiles
  • Supaline solid colour wall and ceiling panels
  • Maxi Beam lightweight beams

Supawood modular linear panels in Western Red Cedar and other stunning natural timbers have been chosen throughout Australia by architects for their environmental credentials and outstanding aesthetics and by builders and contractors for Supawood’s on-time delivery built on production capacity. The many advantages of this product have resulted in immense approval from construction professionals and end-clients alike, all being ecstatic with their project results.

The look & feel

Supaslat slatted panelling in Western Red Cedar and other natural timbers deliver superlative style and simplicity as well as extraordinary functionality to any project.

A diverse range of atmospheres can be achieved from the feel of the space blending perfectly with its surroundings to exacting contemporary moods. Throughout all scenarios the rich natural luster, tones and grain of the timber creates glowing warmth that cannot be achieved with any other materials.

Western Red Cedar has a wide range of shades from slat to slat and even within a single slat, from mellow ambers to reddish cinnamons and sienna browns, which provide interest and emphasises the timbers natural beauty.

Green Credentials

Supawood sources all their Western Red Cedar exclusively from suppliers holding the Prestigious GreenTagCertTM GreenRate Level A certification, this means the use of this product will help your project achieve full points under the GBCA calculator. All of Supawood’s Western Red Cedar products come with PEFC (or FSC® on request) Chain of Custody certification.


Supaslat Western Red Cedar is incredibly durable because the natural preservatives in the timber give it an inherent resistance to decay, moisture and termites eliminating the need to treat it with potentially volatile chemicals even for outdoor conditions. This means that the panels are VOC free, a feature that contributes to acquiring high Green Star ratings in any projects where used. These natural preservatives and the straight character of the wood grain also help the timber to maintaining its shape even in the harshest weather throughout the year round.

Supaslat Western Red Cedar as an interior panel lining outperforms other softwood and even bricks, concrete and steel by providing natural insulation for the interior no matter what the temperature is outside. The timber also has a natural ability to reduce or confine noise reverberation by absorbing sound energy but add Supawood’s various acoustic backings and the acoustic properties are substantially enhanced.

Simply and economical to specify & work with!

Supaslat Western Red Cedar slatted panels come in a range of unique fixing systems making the specification and installation very simple and economical. This versatile range includes modular ceiling tiles and customised slatted panels. They are easily removed so ceiling areas can be accessed while maintaining long slat lengths.

Supawood can also offer economical alternative solutions for projects in need of budget savings while maintaining the essence of the design intent. Because the timber is very lightweight and strong problems with logistics or installation to difficult sites is eliminated.

At Supawood we also have a range of other slatted options which include slat panels that meet BCA Fire Hazard Properties Group 1 and 2 requirements.

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aluclick brochure wp

ALUCLICK is quick to install extruded aluminium decorative beam system that has been designed and developed by Supawood in such a way that the beams “click lock” into a standard suspension system.

This versatile beam fixing system is available in 2 standard profile sizes, covers a wide range of applications, is excellent for use in high volumes, and results in quick and therefore economical installation. Supawood supply the complete system including framing.

Aluclick is fire group 1, moisture resistant and suitable for outdoor use. The beams are available in a wide range of decorative finishes including standard powder coated and anodised colours as well as a small range of exciting wood grains.

This innovation product is 100% produced in Australia to Australian standards.

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The Supaslat Range

Supaslat by Supawood is a versatile range of linear slatted panel products which includes modular fully accessible, customized and light weight beams options. Supaslat utilizes timber slats, battens or beams to create a directional effect on both ceilings and walls. An extruded aluminium option is now also available.

Our range of slatted products and beams includes: Click on an image to find out more...

Or read on about the advantages common throughout the Supaslat range.

Supaslat slatted panels can create an ambience or atmosphere reminiscent of a maritime or rustic country theme as well as a contemporary feel. Ideal and popular for use in food halls, shopping malls, lobbies, restaurants or any area where this effect is desired.

They are available in a range of colours and finished and also slat configurations.

The advantages of Supaslat linear slatted panels are:

  • Warmth and beauty of timber finishes.
  • Acoustic options available.
  • Pre-finished panels for quick installation on site.
  • Easy to specify, shop drawings, on-site quality control.
  • Concealed fixing options.
  • Ideal for providing hidden access in both ceilings and walls to service areas or amenities etc.
  • Excellent durability and low maintenance
  • Meets all Green Star Requirements.
  • Fire Retardant versions available.

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Supaslat Driftwood - weathered effect timber slatted panels

Driftwood Brochure

Supawood’s unique product, DRIFTWOOD The Rustic Timber Lining, has inspired many top Australian designers to achieve a realistic driftwood appearance that creates unparalleled atmosphere in their interior projects.

Originally custom developed for a hospitality complex this unique product has now become a standard option.

DRIFTWOOD is a weathered effect timber slat created by hand etching and coating of a specific grade and species of hardwood timber. This makes every slat used unique.

driftwood characteristics

It is the interaction between the natural characteristics and features, particularly the varying grain densities of the specific hardwood selected. The etching process synthesizes the effect of wood that has been subjected to the washing of ocean waves and sand. The end result is varying exceptional effects which cannot be conveyed in any single sample.

Features include deep grooves and cracks, pinholes and knots which will vary in intensity and frequency from slat to slat. These features form part of the natural beauty of DRIFTWOOD, The Rustic Timber Lining.

Designers wanting to achieving interiors with unique aesthetic atmospheres in both new builds and refits have chosen DRIFTWOOD to create themes reminiscent of exotic places, maritime settings or to just enhance the overall atmosphere with the outstanding changeable texture and warmth of aged wood. The applications are endless!

DRIFTWOOD is available in Supatile Slat fully accessible ceiling tiles, Supaslat custom slatted panels and loose slats for on-site fixing for both ceilings and walls.

DRIFTWOOD can be used in both acoustic and non-acoustic options, all in a range of slat configurations. DRIFTWOOD is also highly durable, effective acoustically and available in a selection of natural, stained and solid colours.

This unique product by Supawood has been recognized for its aesthetics, quality and versatility.

DRIFTWOOD colours. Please note as this is a natural product there will be variations between slats and colours shown are a guide only.

Please note: The colours shown on this page are a guide only and may vary when displayed on different screens or when printed.
For samples please visit our Request a Sample page... click here

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Supaslat Custom timber slat panels

Supaslat Brochure

Supaslat Bespoke timber slat panels are made to your project needs to exactly suit your design and the aesthetic effect you are looking for. Panels can be produced in custom sizes and can be supplied shaped, curved or in a range of acoustic options.

A wide range of slat sizes and spacing and finishes are possible. Supawood have a range of standard options to get you started and these can be modified where the project volume is sufficient.

Standard Options:

5 Standard Slat Configurations for a wide variety of looks

sts 1p sts 2p
Profile 1 Profile 2
sts 3p
Profile 3
sts 4p sts 5p
Profile 4 Profile 5

Finish Types

Our pre-finished custom panels are designed to be installed in a minimum of time on-site with a simple fixing system utilizing screws through the black battens holding the slats together.

This is suitable for installation by any approved partition contractor.

Special options include:

  • Access hatches pre-assembled with concealed fixing ready for quick on-site installation.
  • Curved panels.
  • Custom finishes, slat spacings and configurations are all possible.

Contact our technical support team for guidance on what is possible and what is economically viable within your project budget.

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